Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Sunny Side Up!!

    I started off this blog by posting a video that was a little bit disturbing and many of you would have not liked it for a first post on a blog. So now its time to bring the sunny side up :).
    Today I'd like to throw some light on the bountiful of benefits that one can get if you switch to organic living. But most of you counter me by asking, I already feel that I am living healthy, why should I switch to organics? Folks, going organic is not just eating healthy food but has a whole lot more to it. Apart from being much more healthy that conventionally grown food it is also about becoming responsible to the eco-system. The industrial agriculture, with the help of chemically formulated fertilizers and pesticides would fulfill the short to medium term food requirement but, would render the land un-cultivable for the generations to come. People down the years would not have any more cultivable land to grow food. So, organic living is an investment that one will make for the future generations of human kind. Organic agriculture prevent the loss of top soil, soil contamination due to fertilizers and pesticides and make the soil sustainable for agriculture.
   Being a food junkie I am very particular about the taste. And organic food tastes much better, i can vouch for that. The first time I got an opportunity to taste food that was labelled organic, I felt the taste to be similar to the ones made from the vegetables grown in my grannie's kitchen garden. Apart from the taste the nutritional value of the organically grown food were found to be significantly higher than that of conventionally grown food. According to the Soil Association ,UK, on average the organics have higher levels of vitamin C, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium etc. So the claim has been substantiated by scientific research that the organic food is definitely better.
   Organic living also gives you the satisfaction of doing your bit to the conservation of environment. It is one relatively easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

PS: Your comments and arguments are appreciated.

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